Flubromazolam (1:50)

27.90 19.90

active substance:
effective entry:
effective duration:
order unit:
15 – 60 minutes
12 – 18 hours
5 grams (0.098g pure)


Flubromazolam was blended professionally according to GMP. The professional mixing prevents the emergence of hot spots, so uneven distribution of active ingredients. The mixture is very homogeneous. Standard deviation below 1%. 1:50 means 1 part of this. Flubromazolam is milled with 50 parts of mannitol. So 1g Mix contains 1.96% = 19.6mg Flubromazolam pure substance.

Form and quantity per Orderunit

5 grams of pure substance and mannitol blend with 98,03mg pure Flubromazolam per order unit.

Subjective effects

The sleep-inducing and soothing effect of flubromazolam is very pronounced, in higher doses the consumer may feel extremely tired and be forced to sleep. The anglösende effect is less pronounced than known for anxiolytic benzodiazepines such as lorazepam, but quite noticeable.

Routes of Administration

Oral/sublingual: 5 – 30 milligrams of this blend. This product is intended for forensic and research applications only.

Storage and durability

Always store the product below 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) and in the original packaging. Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture. The shelf life of the active ingredient is at least 1 year when properly stored.